About Phigment

Phigment is an independent British artist/illustrator and creative studio based in London, England.


Here you will find unique, exciting artworks in the form of T-shirts, prints and one-off pieces.


The entire collection is exclusive to Phigment, and absolutely everything is produced in small, strictly limited quantities...and always with one eye on the environment.


Phigment's mission is to make art and design accessible and affordable. Art can sometimes seem intimidating, when it should be the complete opposite. Fed up with seeing prohibitively expensive art prints and T-Shirts - usually piled high in unlimited or large editions - I decided to help bring visual art back to where it should be; within easy reach of everyone who appreciates it!


I've proven that Limited Edition, exclusive artwork and garments can be sold for realistic prices without compromising on quality, collectability or impact!


Enjoy browsing this emporium of visual delights, and I look forward to hearing from you!



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